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نورة العيسى

Nora AlIssa


Nora Alissa graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London with a distinction MA in Photography and Urban Cultures. She has participated in many local and global art exhibitions and visited several European capitals including Paris, Vienna and London to showcase her talent.


Alissa’s distinctive work portrays women and Islam from a different perspective that is not typical in the modern art scene. In her Hajj, Le Pèlerinage à La Mecque exhibition in Paris in 2014, Alissa’s heartfelt representation of women depicts them as religious and spiritual pilgrims with an otherworldly aura. Her black and white blurry images describe Hajj and Kaaba from a more personal experience. She makes a unique individual projection of an important pillar of Islamic faith by entering the mysterious realm of spirituality and the unseen.


In addition to her gallery work, Nora has also assisted on many reputable art projects including the Urban Portraits Project – a part of Stories of the World Project – in November 2010 at the Horniman Museum, London. She has also managed the Human Collage Photographic Workshop, a Horiman Youth Conference activity in November 2010.


She is now working on several projects which look at different aspects of lived experiences, including the everyday, space and culture. Alissa’s currently works as an art consultant in KSA, helping to promote visual arts in the country.

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